The Edge Real Estate Auctions Have Over Traditional Real Estate Sales

Why sell your real estate at auction? And why should you use Mason Auctioneers?

Real estate involves some, if not our biggest, decision making. This article breaks down pivotal issues for determining why Auctions are not just a viable option. In the vast majority of aspects - including experience, time, and results, the auction method of marketing is the best choice. Let's break this down where you can see the authenticity of why we believe in the auction method of marketing.
Selling your home should not be a headache. It’s easier than you think! Mason Auctioneers Real Estate Auction Group puts your property in a competitive bidding situation to realize as much as possible for your home.

Here are some contrasting insights between traditional real estate and the auction method of marketing.
These insights translate into realities that will have a major impact on your experience and your results...

1. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - A timeline you can control. YOU set the date - Buyers act on your schedule with a time defined date and place. We schedule showings ahead of time where you are more in the drivers seat! Bypass the multiple impromptu scrambles to clean house and vacate yet again regardless of what is happening in your life. This eliminates much of the stress from a traditional real estate transaction.

    With Traditional Real Estate - There is limited motivation by buyers to move forward, you wait on them, or moreover, begin the scramble for cleaning and vacating your home at their beck and call.

    2. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - Keeping the main thing the main thing. The focus of our advertising is on your property, which positions you for better results!
    With Traditional Real Estate - Your property is one of many being advertised and shown. Many times the majority of the ad has more focus on the real estate agent and the company itself rather than your property. With our advertising you are front and center in the promotion!
    3. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - A date with Results. From the time we sign the listing we have results in 30 to 45 days. This schedule reduces stress because you have an end date to work with.
    With Traditional Real Estate – In a Bull Market property may sell very quickly, and sometimes for over asking price. However, there is no transparency. Buyers have no idea of what the other offers are or why theirs was not accepted. In a Bear Market the property may be for sale for an extended period, especially if the property was valued too high to begin with. This can cause a property to “sour” causing buyers to question why it has not sold. It also prolongs monthly carrying costs and increases the risk of vandalism.
    4. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - Marketing is more progressive and comprehensive. We provide extensive market saturation featuring your property exclusively, again positioning your property for better results!
    We do not wait for buyers to come to us. We aggressively go to them using a multifaceted and strategic marketing campaign to reach the buyers wherever they are. We do this via the internet, direct mail, signage, trade publications, social media, phone calls, auction fliers and newspapers. We market on a local, regional, and national basis. We are truly an accelerated marketing firm.
    With Traditional Real Estate - There is a heavy reliance on only marketing through MLS and placing a sign in the yard. The process tends to be passive.
Whitey Mason of Mason Auctioneers in Oklahoma, Whitey Mason at Benefit Auction
    5. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - There is more in-depth promotion of your property. Representatives of Mason Auctioneers attend every showing and every open house to deliver thorough personal tours of the property where we discuss the Auction Method of Marketing as well as point out the features and benefits of the property. This detailed approach drives home the value of your property, positioning it for better results!
    With Traditional Real Estate - Most buyer agents are seeing the property for the first time and don’t know the features and benefits of the property, limiting the perceived value of the property.
    6. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - We realize the property’s true market value, eliminate the guesswork for determining the asking price for a property. There is no price ceiling or limit on upside potential, the auction takes place in an open, transparent bidding process and all the cards are laid out on the table. There is an up to the day dynamic check and balance system for where the current market is at and you can see it!
    With Traditional Real Estate - The upside potential is limited by asking price, many times there is "money left on the table." In some scenarios your property could be sold for over asking price, however, this does not mean it met with maximum value! With traditional real estate there is an inherent blind spot in which you do not have any guaranteed exposure for the best price in the market. At one end of the spectrum the seller risks overpricing thus receiving little interest in the property, but on the other end of the spectrum and more importantly, seller risks underpricing and selling for less than the property is worth. With Mason Auctioneers we provide our clients with feedback of our in-depth marketing results, with our clients knowing their property was comprehensively marketed and maximum results achieved.
    7. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - All Terms and Conditions are set in advance eliminating negotiations, simplifying your life and the sale of your house. You sell property AS IS, Where Is" without contingencies such as inspection, appraisal, or finance, without warranty expressed, written or implied.. We invite and encourage buyers to obtain a home inspection if they so desire, but they will hire and pay the inspector. Eliminate the stress and pressure of ongoing negotiations and offers that fall through. This includes the option of setting a reserve price - in which your property only sells if it reaches a prior agreed upon number.
    With Traditional Real Estate - Seller must negotiate all aspects of the sale; this can be stressful, Contingencies are common, creating drag and complications on the sale, taking up your time. A seller may have to “fix” certain things before the listing goes live. Or negotiate the price accordingly. We have seen this happen at the closing table!
    8. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - The nature of the auction business model is designed to build momentum on your return - or drive the price up through competitive bidding, to enable the seller to realize maximum value of their property.
    With Traditional Real Estate - The nature of the traditional real estate model is that buyers are conditioned to downplay the property with the hopes of offering a lesser amount, whether in direct prices or in conditions of the sale.. Selling at auction the price is never negotiated down. It is driven up through competitive bidding!
    9. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - The nature of the Auction being a timed event creates importance, urgency, and most important - focus on your event for your property! A basic law of marketing is - first get your markets attention, and with the auction method, we do!
    With Traditional Real Estate - There is no built in sense of urgency, inadvertently creating drag on your time, your life, and in the results!
    10. WITH MASON AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE - The Auction method delivers a more refined, yet comprehensive tool for marketing properties with unique assets that don't fit the "valuation box". Many times there are unique properties that do not fit with local comprehensive valuations, yet there is a demand in which, if the property is strategically marketed, will bring substantially more than what the traditional formula for valuation allows. With Mason Auctioneers, we strategically market the unusual to bring you the best in market price!
    With Traditional Real Estate - Get a valuation that does not recognize the unique assets of the property because it doesn't "fit the valuation box," settling for less than optimal results.
    We bring decades of experience in the auction process that enables us to put your assets in the best marketing position. We stay immersed in the top leadership in the industry to bring you the best in results and in your experience. See our Bios in
    - About Whitey Mason,
    - About Teri Mason,
    - About Vivian Brown.
    - You can also view a sample video portfolio of Whitey in action at Whitey Mason's Sample Portfolio
    Through the entire auction process, we do all the work. We will take care of the thousands of details that go into making your real estate auction an overwhelming success. Throughout our organization you will find a commitment to honesty and integrity. This goes far beyond merely fair dealing and extends to every aspect of how we do business. When a Mason Auctioneers representative makes a commitment to you, the entire force of our organization is behind it. This is our promise to you as a valued client and friend.
    All in all, auctions are a savvy, effective, less stressful way to sell your property, and get the best of results!
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