Mason Auctioneers - Sample Portfolio of Whitey Mason

This first one is a sample where he was the lead auctioneer for Ameribid. The actual sales came in more than what was estimated by 2-3'xs.

This next auction is a benefit auction at Cowboy Hall of Fame, notice how he adapts his auction style based on the needs or makeup of the audience.

Here is another benefit auction where there are typically a handful or two of higher end items, and again is deliberately conducted at a more relaxed pace.

This auction is at a professional auto auction where the audience has many routine attenders with a high volume of items and is designed to click along faster.

And last, another high paced, professional volume auto sale, notice the board reflecting the prices and how fast it changes!


Whitey has gone leagues beyond settling for this as just a JO-B, this is a passion for him, a significant part of who he is... As part of the "Top Gun" leadership in the Auction industry, or CAI (Certified Auctioneers Institute. He has served as class advisor for 3 years, and is currently the incoming chairman for CAI. The following is a professional industry podcast where he discusses an overview of CAI.