Why sell your real estate at auction?

A Real Estate Auction Has Several Advantages Over a Traditional Real Estate Sale

The traditional real-estate transaction involves tedious negotiations and a timeline you don’t control. To put it mildly, this can be overwhelming. From having to vacate for showings to constantly being in preparation for those showings. A real estate auction holds a number of advantages over a traditional sale:

  • You set the sale date – you determine a sales date that fits your needs and schedule
  • You sell “AS IS” – there are no contingencies on financing or inspections
  • You sell without contingencies such as inspection, appraisal, or finance. We invite and encourage buyers to obtain a home inspection if they so desire, but they will pay the inspector.
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  • Competitive bidding drives the price of your home or property UP (compared to traditional negotiating process which often drives the value of your real estate down)
  • You can have a reserve price - Your property only sells if it reaches this number
  • No negotiations - Eliminate the stress and pressure of ongoing negotiations and offers that fall through.

Selling your home should not be a headache. It’s easier than you think! Mason Auctioneers Real Estate Auction Group puts your property in a competitive bidding situation to realize as much as possible for your home. We do not wait for buyers to come to us. We aggressively go to them, wherever they are via the Internet, direct mail, local, regional, or national advertising and other media. We are truly an accelerated marketing firm. Through the entire auction process, we do all the work. We will take care of the thousands of details that go into making your real estate auction an overwhelming success. Throughout our organization you will find a commitment to honesty and integrity. This goes far beyond merely fair dealing and extends to every aspect of how we do business. When a Mason Auctioneers representative makes a commitment to you, the entire force of our organization is behind it. This is our promise to you as a valued client and friend.

Real Estate Auction vs Traditional Real Estate Sale

1. With the Auction method; There is crystal focus brought to your property and your sale, with traditional real estate methods; property is one of many being advertised and shown.

2. With the Auction method; From the time we sign the listing we have results in 30 to 45 days. With traditional real estate methods; In a Bull Market the property may sell very quickly, and sometimes for over asking price. However, there is no transparency. Buyers have no idea of what the other offers are or why theirs was not accepted. In a Bear Market property may be for sale for an extended period, especially if the property was valued too high to begin with. This can cause a property to “sour” causing buyers to question why it has not sold. It also prolongs monthly carrying costs and increases the risk of vandalism.

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